You don't need to be Italian to make good pizza, but it helps.


Soon after Pam Proto moved from Boston to Boulder Colorado she was homesick for traditional thin crust, bubbly and charred pizza. Realizing that if she wanted the flavors and smells she so missed from the pizzerias back east, she would have to do it herself. With the help of family and friends the first Proto’s Pizza was born November 1999 in Longmont, Colorado.

Not long after the doors opened, Proto’s Pizza was being recognized in many publications including Bon Appetit magazine. The Pizza experience had been elevated to table service, linen napkins, and delicious wines with a full bar to make it a true dining experience.

Proto’s has been tossing pizza for a long time now. Pam has gone on to open several more locations. No matter which Proto’s you choose as your favorite, one thing will never change, and that is their passion to create and bake for you the best pizza you will ever eat.

Proto’s Pizza has been recognized in many publications including Bon Appetit magazine.



“Top Neigborhood Restaurant”

5280 Magazine

“Best Pizza” “Best Cannoli”

Longmont Times Call

“Best Pizza”

Daily Camera

“Best Pizza”


“Best Pizza”

Denver Post

“Best Pizza”